AMS Publisher, a small and independent publisher based in Canada, publishes high-quality books covering a broad range of titles by well-known and new authors.

As the name suggests, AMS Publisher offers a broad range of titles including business and legal texts, books on personal development and health, history, memoirs, stories and a small amount of fiction.

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We seek out the best stories.We nurture them. Then we share them.

You want to write a book? Do you need to know how to get published?

If you can’t count on the publishers or the bookstores, where does that leave you?

AMS Publisher’s mission is to help writers’ creative vision and connect them with the world.

As a new writer, you will get rejected on many occasions. Never let this break your spirit. Many great writers were rejected before they were accepted. Few writers achieve publishing success with their first books. A true writer will keep writing, regardless of whether or not his/her book is published.

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We are keen to open up the world of publishing at a time when many publishers are turning their backs on untried authors...

You are ready to take the plunge and bring the book you’ve written to readers who will embrace its message. But how do you bring those words to life? The right editor and publisher working alongside you can help make this crucial step a reality.

We seek out the best stories. We nurture them. Then we share them.

Our team of experts and passionate readers are dedicated to discovering and supporting talented writers and working with them to craft exceptional stories.

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